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To service whole humanity & mother language Punjabi, a small present kesaripane.com is constituted.

Concentrating the necessity of today, a software named ANMOL TOHFA is developed. Through this Punjabi & English words are easily transforms. Upload your advertisement & notice of your business but of good design on this website. To preserve the cutting of newspaper as history, take a picture & paste it. After that make a heading to search it. If you want to do social service then upload the pictures, phone no of gurudware, temple, masjid, church, hospital and other community, societies so that necessity of some one is fulfilled. You can place your pic, phone no & also that of your friends. It is a elegant platform to preserve the moments of Punjabi culture, phrases, proverb, sentence that can help anyone. Font of Gurbani have also placed. You can write Gurbani 100%. You can add description of your talent so as to help the needy person. Besides, Punjabi the services are also available in hindi & english.

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"Service to Humanity"

Since 2009, Kesri Panne is providing the non-profitable service to the whole humanity to promote Punjabi Language and contents in the language.

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    Satpal Singh Purewal

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